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Global Alliance for Mental Health Advocates (GAMHA) Mental Health Exchange

Global Alliance for Mental Health Advocates (GAMHA) Mental Health Exchange

PsychologyNow Team

Η ημερίδα θα πραγματοποιηθεί διαδικτυακά μέσω Zoom στις 17 Σεπτεμβρίου 2021.

The Global Alliance for Mental Health Advocates (GAMHA) was launched by Mdm Halimah Yacob, President of Republic of Singapore, at the 1st Global Summit for Mental Health Advocates on 4 Oct 2018 in Singapore.

It is a special global mental health project initiated by Silver Ribbon (Singapore) and Lundbeck and hopes to serve as a platform to connect all stakeholders - organizations and individuals such as policymakers, grassroots leaders, representatives of government agencies, mental health professionals, mental health practitioners, treatment providers, teachers, students, journalists, consumers, caregivers, etc, across the world to discuss, learn, network, share best practices, ideas, knowledge & resources on mental health promotion and advocacy, and stay connected in improving the quality of life of people living with mental health issues & their caregivers and promoting an inclusive and gracious society.

GAMHA is organizing the 2nd series of their "Mental Health Exchange" that aims to provide a platform for everyone to learn from GAMHA Advisory Panel Members on the programmes and initiatives from various countries.

This year's theme is: New Norms, New Mindsets: Moving On Together, where the focus is on recovery post COVID-19 and building resilience for future challenges in their own countries! There will also be a Q&A segment towards the end of the session where participants can interact with the speakers.

The third event of 2021 will be held on 17 Sep 2021, 7pm SGT. The speakers for this event are:

• Ms Silvia Raggi from Argentina, Secretary General of Asociación Argentina de Salud Mental & Corporate Secretary of World Federation for Mental Health

• Dr Chrisna Mayangsari Pentefragka from Indonesia, Psychiatrist in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Indonesia

The event will be moderated by Mr Phay Yan Deng, Senior Clinical Executive of Silver Ribbon (Singapore). Come join us and meet our GAMHA Advisory Panel Members! We hope to see you there!

Zoom Link: 😊

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